S.E.A. Hamsters LLC

"Hamsters love them, and you will too!"

At S.E.A. Hamsters, we use a 26 x 26 inflatable pool, with a water depth of 18”. Our vinyl hamsters balls have a diameter of 6’ 6” and can accommodate a rider up to 200 pounds. The rider steps through a heavy duty zipper and we inflate the ball with a blower. Our “human hamsters” spend approximately 5 minutes walking, rolling, and tumbling around on the water’s surface. We can use up to 4 hamster balls at a time, allowing friends and family members to experience the thrill and excitement at the same time. The rider does not get wet at all. There is ample oxygen for 1 hour inside the balls. Last, we place a heavy duty tarp underneath our pool, then at the end of the day we pull another tarp over the surface of the pool and zip tie the two tarps together. Therefore we completely secure all access to the water and pool.